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Felt Boards & Kits

Felt boards are 24" by 30" and come in various colors such as:  Light Blue, Red, Green, Dark Blue, and Yellow. Colors are subject to felt availability. Price: $18.00 each

Felt Kits: We sell felt pieces packaged in kits to use with the Felt Boards. They are educational, fun, and a great activity for one on one learning or can be used as a group activity. Kids love fun and learning at the same time.

Available Kits:

Snowman Counting and Matching Game-this set which is pictured above on the felt board teaches two concepts. The hats that go with the snowmen have numbers on one side and shapes on the back side. Children count the shapes on the fronts of the snowmen and match the number on the hat  or match the shapes on the other side of the hat to the shapes on the snowmen. Included folder with additional learning activities. $14.95

Alphabet and Number Set- this set has the alphabet in upper and lower case as well as numbers and punctuation pieces. There are duplicate pieces of many of the letters. This kit comes with one set of worksheets for additional learning of the alphabet $15.95

Calendar Set-This awesome set has 155 pieces which include a 14 1/2" by 11 1/2" grid calendar. It comes with numbered squares, monthly scenes, holiday and special event squares and 6 weather scenes. Includes a lesson guide with activities and resources. $28.95


Sea Life-this kit has 48 pieces of sea animals and plants. Comes with a folder containing a finger play, song and teaching manual. $14.95

Small Dinosaur Set-contains 12-11" tall Dinos and background volcano scene. Includes folder with additional learning activities. $15.95

Large Dinosaur Set-contains 10-22" Dinos and teaching manual. $17.95

Wild Animals Set- includes sets of Mothers and baby animals. Includes a folder containing additional learning activities. $10.95

Rain Forest-includes 40 pieces, lesson guide, and two activity sheets. $15.95

Desert Animal Set-includes teachers manual, finger plays, songs and poems. $10.95

Butterfly Set-this set has many colorful butterflies as well as the stages of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Includes a folder containing additional learning activities. $11.95

Five Little Monkeys Finger Play Set-this set includes the pieces to act out the Five Little Monkeys finger play as well as another finger play that uses some of the same pieces. $8.50

Farm Set-This set has a barn, fence, people and lots of farm animals. Includes a folder containing learning activities. $13.95

Community Helpers-men and women from four ethnic groups with the tools and clothes to let you explore many different careers. 45 pieces, uniform guide, lesson guide, and lots of songs, poems, and finger plays. $24.95

Multicultural Dolls-These sets have a doll and lots of clothes and props for them. Each comes with a story to read while putting pieces on the board. $10.95 per set.

 Available girl dolls sets are:





 Available boy dolls sets are:





Family Sets-these have six to eight figures ranging from 3 inches to 15 inches and come with work sheets.  $10.95 per set.

Available family sets are:

African American





Children of the World-includes 15 figures seven inches to 13 inches tall. Children are dressed in native costume.  Includes lesson guide and coloring sheets. $16.95

Doll House Set-includes 26 inch by 36 inch flannel graph doll house and 37 pieces. $25.95

Food Pyramid Set- Contains over 60 pieces and includes a lesson guide, finger plays, songs, and coloring pages. $25.95

Vegetable Set-Teach children about the different vegetables and healthy eating with this set. Includes a folder containing learning activities. $9.95

Fruit Set-Teach children about the different fruits and healthy eating with this set. Includes a folder containing learning activities. $9.95

Biblical Christmas Stories-includes 40 pieces and 3 stories, coloring pages, songs, and rhymes.  $12.95

Adam and Eve/ Noah's Ark Set- includes 78 pieces and 5 stories, coloring pages, songs, finger plays, and rhymes.  $23.95

We also have the following kits, but no pictures available at this time:

Birthday Cake and Candles: comes with worksheets  $7.95

Mother Goose Sets: 4 sets available.  $15.95 each

Fairy Tail Sets: Three Little Pigs, Billy Goats Gruff, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, and Little Red Riding Hood-- $16.95 each

Hand Made Finger Puppets:  Five Elephants, Five Dinosaurs, Variety Pack which includes elephant, alligator, penguin, bear, and pony.  Each set includes, five little finger puppets to teach numbers and counting, as well as fun finger plays to act out.  $6.99 each set

Felt Board Stories:  Now offering the felt pieces, which would accompany the following classic stories: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Rainbow Fish, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Love You Forever, Where the Wild Things Are, Good Night Moon, and The Napping House. $14.95 each

  More kits will be developed and coming in the near future !!


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